Roof Coating & Roof Sealing Hampshire

The final process in the roof refurbishment programme is to apply two coats of Smartseal's™ Climashield™ coloured roof coating to concrete tiled roofs or alternatively a clear acrylic roof sealer which is best suited to slate or clay structures.

Once the repairs have fully cured and with favourable weather conditions then the Smartseal registered installer will if required cover/sheet up any sensitive areas to alleviate the risk of over spray, conservatories for example.

The whole roof is treated with a moss killer to ensure any remaining spores in the tile structure are eliminated.

The perimeter edges of the roof are cut in by hand and then the contractor will use a professional level airless sprayer to coat the entire roof structure. This method of application ensures that the product is applied in the correct quantities whilst maximising  full penetration into the tile surface. The process also ensures the customer gets a top quality finish whilst reducing the labour charges racked up by some installers painting the roof by hand.

When this first application has dried out then a second coat is applied to ensure longevity in colour retention and moss inhibiting properties.

If you require any roof coating or roof sealing work throughout Hampshire please call us on  0800 849 9498 and we can organise a FREE no obligation roof cleaning and roof coating quotation. You can also complete our online enquiry form.

Roof repairs, roof cleaning and roof coating can be undertaken in most towns in Hampshire including Portsmouth, Southampton, Gosport, Aldershot, Petersfield, Eastleigh, Fareham, Winchester, Havant and the Isle of Wight.

Roof Coating & Roof Sealing Hampshire image
Roof Coating & Roof Sealing Hampshire image
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