Roof Cleaning Hampshire

The most common request  from customers is to have the moss removed from the roof tiles.

This is best carried out with a high pressure clean to the entire roof structure.

Our registered installers will access the roof via the safest and most efficient method.  

The customer will have already been briefed at the initial quotation stage as to the requirements of access this could be the temporary erection of scaffolding, cherry picker, tower system or via traditional roofing ladders.

For roofs with sensitive clay tiles a cherry picker may well be the most suitable platform from which to work to reduce the risk of breakages.

Every home is different and each can present certain difficulties , for example,  concrete guttering systems, extensive dormer extensions or steeply inclined structures, our installers have vast experience in all methods of access and utilising the relevant safety measures.

The site, if required, will be sheeted up to protect sensitive areas from excessive moss and algae being cleaned from the roof, all guttering willl be blocked or have the down pipes temporarily disconnected to ensure moss ingress is eliminated from accessing the drains etc.

The cleaning will be conducted from the top down and a continual check is kept on any cracked or broken tiles that emerge as the moss is cleared from the roof tiles.

All remnants of moss and algae growth will removed to ensure the application of the roof coating or roof sealer binds  and is fully absorbed into the tiles.

If you require any roof cleaning or roof coating and sealing work throughout Hampshire please call us on 0800 849 9498 and we can organise a FREE no obligation quotation. You can also complete our online enquiry form.

Our registered installers cover Hampshire including Portsmouth, Southampton, Gosport, Aldershot, Petersfield, Eastleigh, Fareham, Winchester, Havant and the Isle of Wight.

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Roof Cleaning Hampshire image
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